Green  Bay Lawns & Lighting LLC


Founded: 2000

Owners: Scott & Danielle Rubeck

Certifications: NEB 073775   CAT 04


Areas of expertise: Professional Turf Mowing with Stripes, Correct Lawn Maintenance, Image, Holiday Decor. 

Est. 2000

Company Profile


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​Green Bay Lawns & Lighting LLC ​​was established in 2000 by Scott Rubeck. Two customers, a 21 inch push mower, a trimmer and a broom...That's a true story. Since then we have grown our business to over 150 Customers relying on us for a variety of lawn or lighting services.  Hard work, dedication and excellent customer service will keep Green Bay Lawns going for years to come.  Having the right equipment and performing all maintenance in house keeps our costs down yet competitive.  Image is everything.  All the photos you see on our website are pictures of our work.